Upon entrance, you will be asked to complete a screening form and have your temperature taken by a member of our Health Ministries Dept.

You are still asked to wear a mask at all times and observe social  distancing practices to keep yourself and other worshippers safe as we worship together.

We ask that if you are feeling sick, DO NOT COME! Please join us online. 

There are three COVID-19 symptoms you’ll see with the omicron variant that you won’t see with the common cold.

  •  loss of sense of smell and taste
  • high fever, and
  • sometimes severe headaches

“If you do have those symptoms, it’s much more concerning that you may have gotten COVID than the common cold virus.”


(TO SUBMIT AN ANNOUNCEMENT TO BEREA NYACK CLERK , CLICK HERE or contact Clerk with this information via the new Clerk Dept email at CLERKBEREA@GMAIL.COM


Parents of IT Team members, please be aware that the staffing schedule is available and posted. Please let IT Director Kevin know if your child will be absent on their assigned week.  

Parents of IT Team members, please be aware that the staffing schedule is available by email and is posted on the door to the Balcony. Please let IT Director Kevin know if your child will be absent on their assigned week.  



  • Healing of the Nations Ministries 2021 EXTENDING YOUR LIFE NATURALLY continues weekly- Saturdays at 5pm. Tune in and learn more about yourself and God's glorious design. To log in each week, CLICK HERE! (ZOOM ID: 827 6233 8092 Passcode: healing)
    • Berea Nyack SDA Church Finance committee is asking again for the departmental budgets to be submitted. The deadline for submittal has passed.


    • Community Bible Class will continue each Wednesday at 6pm followed by Prayer Meeting at 7pm. IN PERSON depending upon the status of the church that week. This will be on Free Conference Call the entire month of January 2022.

    January 2022

    • January 5- 15, 2022- TEN DAYS OF PRAYER & FASTING- THE THREE ANGELS  CALL TO PRAYER. “Then I saw another angel flying directly overhead, with an eternal gospel to proclaim to those who dwell on earth, to every nation and tribe and language and people.” REVELATION 14:6, ESV. Reading Materials can be found here

    • January 14- February 5, 2022- HEALING FOR A HURTING WORLD series presented by The Healing of the Nations Ministry, Eden Lifestyle Center, and the NEC Health Ministries Department. Each night at 7pm except Mondays and Thursdays


    • January 17, 2022- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. VIRTUAL 38th Interfaith Commemorative Service to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day! at 2:00 pm. Click here to join us via zoom. Host: Pastor Gregory Merriweather, Calvary Baptist Church and Speaker: Douglas Lewis, 1st Elder, Berea Seventh-day Adventist Church


    • January 27, 2022- Join the Millionaire Mindset Program Financial  Seminars  (normally scheduled for the 4th Thursday of each month)  at 7pm on ZOOM.  This month's topic: "2022 Total Money Reset"  Presented by Jennifer Schnalzer, Financial Advisor- Capital Management Group. Hosted by Vivian London-Crooks, CEO/ Accountant of London's Tax Services, LLC.  REGISTRATION REQUIRED. To register, click here


    • March 19, 2022- Youth Ministries Day/Global Youth Day
    • May 14, 2022- World Adventurer Day
    • August 27, 2022- End it Now Emphasis Day
    • September 17, 2022- World Pathfinder Day
    • October 17, 2022- Pastor Appreciation Dinner



    4 Ways to give Tithes and Offering:


    Please remember that especially now, the church relies on your help to finish the work of the gospel in all the world as we are commissioned to do. (Matthew 28:18-20)



    Started in the late 1920’s as a mission, this 100 year old congregation,  the Berea SDA Church (NY) located at 67 South Broadway in Nyack  has grown, through much prayer and hard work. Even now, almost 100 years later, God’s work in this community continued.  We invite you to join our family each Sabbath as we learn together- more about our Creator and Savior.

    We are a faith based community rooted in the beliefs described by the Holy Scriptures. Growing out of scriptures that paint a compelling portrait of God, you are invited to explore, experience and know the One who desires to make us all whole-Our Lord Jesus Christ.





    9:30am Adult Sabbath School- IN PERSON & VIA ZOOM (845 358 6825)

    9:45am Children's Sabbath School- IN PERSON - Berea SDA

    10:40am Garden of Prayer 

    11:00am Divine Worship Service
    IN PERSON & VIA ZOOM (845 358 6825

    12:00pm Young Adult Service with Devonte Gilchrist, host
    (zoom: 695 825 8479

    Evening Bible Study  and Vespers (ZOOM- 845 358 6825)

    6:00pm Community Bible Study-
    IN PERSON - Berea SDA

    7:00pm Prayer Meeting
    (call: 605-313-4464 
    code: 599796#  Clerkberea2)

    7:00pm Children's Sabbath School (zoom) ✨

    *Please consult the teachers for details on Zoom ID and start time:
    Sister Tamari, Sister Vivian. Sister Angella


    To learn more about Our ministries or What we believe, you can visit our About Us page or like us on our Facebook or Berea Nyack-SDA YouTube Channel.

    It is always a blessing to have visitors worshiping with us. However, you are only a visitor here once. From here on out, you are family! Sermons are live streamed each Sabbath at 11 am on our Facebook page and uploaded monthly to YouTube Channel (If you are looking for a specific sermon or day, please feel free to email us at 

    Visit us anytime! We are praying for  you to come and spent time with us, leave feeling encouraged, feeling God's love, and come back week after week. We are looking forward to meet you in person as we strive to Seek God's Spirit!

    As we head into the New Year 2022, we bid Farewell to Pastor Dr. & Mrs. Andrew Philbert and family but welcome a new 1st Family- The Jacksons!#

    Get to know them below:


    Pastor Cornel George Jackson has been preaching the Everlasting Gospel for over forty (40) years. A third generation Seventh-day Adventist, Pastor Jackson accepted Jesus as his personal Savior at the tender age of ten (10). The call to gospel ministry led him to study at West Indies College (Northern Caribbean University) and Andrews University, respectively where he earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in theology and religious education. 

    Pastor Jackson has served in ministry in the East Jamaica Conference for thirty-one years. During this period, his ministerial duties and functions included Intern Pastor, Associate Pastor, District Pastor, Departmental Director and Executive Secretary. At different times while carrying out full-time ministerial duties he served as part-time lecturer at Northern Caribbean University, volunteer chaplain of the Jamaica Constabulary Force and other private and public educational institutions, lay magistrate of the island of Jamaica, board member and chairman of several private and public schools, and committee member of several private and public organizations.  Since migrating to the United States of America he has taught at Northeastern Academy as Bible and Communication skills teacher. In addition, he preached and conducted leadership seminars across churches in the Greater New York, Northeastern, and Southern New England Conferences. Pastor Jackson and family are coming to us from the Mt Sinai SDA Church in Queens Village, NY.

    Pastor Jackson and his beautiful wife Dahlia have been married for twenty-eight years; and are the proud parents of four lovely children – Mark, Corelle, Matthew and John who are currently studying at Andrews University and Oakwood University.

    The Jackson family is determined to make heaven their home; and are committed to inviting other families to join them on this heaven-bound journey. Pastor Jackson is motivated by the philosophy: “Whatsoever one’s hands find to do, do it with all one’s might, for only what is done for Christ will last.”





    Saturday at 9:30am or at  11:00am by clicking the ONLINE SERVICE image below: 

    To phone in to our ZOOM ONLINE SABBATH SERVICE, dial


    Code- 8453586825# (if it asks for a pin# re-enter the same code)


    We will only  be using Free Conference Call for our  Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting at 7pm.

    These number will also still be active for other departmental usage. That FCC number is (605)313-4464  code 599796#

    Please remember to mute your phone (*6), if you are not participating to minimize background noise and distractions for all those that may be listening. 

    Two other ways to view our weekly Sabbath services online:

    (View Live or Archived services on these two sites)

    1. FACEBOOK:                                           go to

    2. YOUTUBE:                                              go to