Black History Project

The Berea Nyack SDA Education Department has a Black History Month Project that is being done by all of the youth. The Presentations have been postponed until March 2, 2019 due to the Unleashed 2 Seminars. You wont want to miss this! The guidelines for the projects are listed below.

Black History Month Cereal Box Project #1 

In this project, you will create a new cereal, based on the life of the famous African-American you pick out. You may use any type of resource you want for this project including encyclopedias, books, the internet and computers. 

Instructions for cereal box:

  1. Get a cereal box and remove the inside bag and any extra cereal.
  1. Cover the box with construction paper.
  1. Cover and decorate one large side of the box with a picture of the hero and name of your new cereal.  The name of your cereal should relate to your person’s name or something important they did.  This side of your box could also have pictures of things this person did.
  1. Cover the other large side of the box with a typed or hand-written summary of the person’s life.  Remember to include things like when the person lived, what important things they did, and why these things were important.  Also, make sure your African-American’s name is on this side of the box. 
  1. On one small side of the box, print or type your bibliography (try to put it sideways).

Instructions for your bibliography:

 On the “other” small side on the cereal box, you need to list the resources that you used to research for your box.  Be sure to keep track of all your resources so that you can keep track of them at the end of your project and list them. 

  1. On the other small side of the box, you will put a time line.

Instructions for your cereal box time line:

In addition to the information already included on your cereal box, add a time line of your hero’s life. Be sure to include at least five important events in American history that occurred in your hero’s life, as well as important dates in your own hero’s life (when they were born, when they died, and other important events).  This should be typed or neatly written in ink. 

Be sure to decorate the box as if you’re really trying to sell this cereal!



 Black History Month Inventors Project #2    

Choose an African American Inventor


You may use The Black Inventor Online Museum:

Prepare a brief biography of the individual.  Be sure to answer the following questions:

  • Where was the inventor from and when were they born?
  • Describe their childhood and youth.
  • What was life like for African Americans during the time the inventor was alive and working?
  • Think about laws, social norms, economics and other factors. 
  • What region did the inventor live and work? 
  • Education?
  • What was occurring technologically in the United States during this time, example:  the Industrial Revolution, Space age, etc.
  • How has this invention impacted our society now?
  • How has this invention evolved?

and Choose 1 of these 2 options:


Research the life of a notable African American inventor and analyze some of their patents. 

Familiarize yourself with how inventions are created and how patents are awarded. 

Prepare an analysis of one of their patents and how their invention worked. 

****Google Patents is a resource:





Create your own invention. 

Create a draft and/or a prototype of your invention.  You may draw a diagram using graph paper and other materials, and/or create a three dimensional model. 


Questions to consider:

  • How did you think of your invention?  Was it based on a necessity? 
  • Did you begin by thinking about your daily life or the people around you?
  • What does the process of coming up with an invention teach you about how past inventors came up with their innovations?