Immuno-Fighter Tea

2 limes or 2 lemons washed and cut up with skin and seeds.

4 cloves garlic If you have low blood pressure.
 (6 to 8 if blood pressure normal or high)

1 small or medium onion.

1/4 pound ginger washed and sliced / cut up.



Blend all together in about a quart of water.

Strain through towel.

Blend trash/fiber/pulp a second tine to get all the substance.

(Trash/fiber/pulp can be boiled to get even more of the substance- Boil for 5 minutes and let cool.)

Strain fiber/trash/pulp through same towel. 

Can drink cold or as hot tea. 

Drink this juice as you would drink tea, water or juice.

 No sweeteners


This is to build up your immune system so you will be able to resist colds, the flu, and CORONAVIRUS. It will also help you to recover quickly if you catch it.


Reduce your sugar and meat, milk, egg, cheese and others animal products because these companies your immune system.