Adventist Youth Society

The Youth Ministry (AYS, Pathfinders etc.) works with teens and young adults, helping them foster a love for service and leadership in the church, and in the community. 


Great Job! Well done!! to all the youth who took the time to research and present all with their parents for working with their kids of developing and recognizing "BLACK HISTORYWITH BLACK VOICES". If you missed any of the presentations and want to view them now, Please click here to be redirected to the videos or click on YOUTH on the top navigation bar.




  • March 20, 2021 Global Youth Day
  • March 21-27, 2021  Youth Week of Prayer nightly at 7pm (readings available below for downloading)




  • March 20, 2021 Global Youth Day promo video


  • March 20- March 27, 2021- Youth Week of Prayer

Open materials in a new page here or simply read them in the PDF embedded below. 


3/20 Sabbath  Sermon 1

3/21 Sunday Sermon 2

3/22 Monday Sermon 3

3/23 Tuesday Sermon 4

3/24 Wednesday Sermon 5

3/25 Thursday  Sermon 6

3/26 Friday Sermon 7

3/27 Saturday  Sermon 8



The Objective of Young Adults Ministry

“To save from sin and guide into service:” this true and only motive, so complete and impressive, was adopted during the 1926 General Conference session.  To obtain the salvation of the youth it is necessary to give them every possible opportunity to participate in all Adventist youth activities.  By keeping youth actively preparing for more efficient service, they are protected from evil.  It is necessary to place them in some activity as soon as they are ready.  “Seeking the good of others is the way in which true happiness can be found” (Counsels on Stewardship, p. 24).  The enemy will not prevail against youth who are actively engaged in the things of God.

That the youth may work for:

  • Other youth
  • Their church
  • Their fellow men

This triple purpose that God has outlined for His youth is really the second part of the objective presented in a practical sense: “guide into service.”  From the time youth missionary work first began, this triple purpose has been put into practice.  The goal is to save each Adventist youth who faces the battle against sin, striving to rescue more and more souls for the kingdom of God.  In 1947 the dynamic slogan “Share your Faith” brought new emphasis to soul-winning around the world.