Sabbath Fun

Making the Sabbath a Delight

(Adventist Review- July 1, 2016) 

Help your kids really believe that “Sabbath is a happy day.”

By Linda Mei Lin Koh

For many children, Sabbath is a day of don’ts: don’t ride your bicycle, don’t watch TV, don’t go swimming, etc. These rules are often misinterpreted as “don’t have fun.” And for so many children, that sounds like a really boring Sabbath!

We should know better. Do we really think God intends for His special day to be boring?

We can involve all the members of our families in celebrating God’s special Sabbath by helping our children to view this sacred day as a real delight. Let’s make it fun and memorable, a day our children look forward to. Ellen White reminds us, “The Sabbath—oh!—make it the sweetest, the most blessed day of the whole week.”1 “Parents, above everything take care of your children upon the Sabbath.” 2   (to read the whole article please click on the link under the title)


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